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Video Transcript – Life @ Boise State

Video Transcript


[Video]: Montage of students participating in various school and Boise related activities

[Video Description – Student activities featured in the video]: Student waving flag on top of the stadium. The helmet cart is being driven through campus.

[Video Description]: Students working together on Ipads. Students working with teachers in a lab.

[Video Description]: Students rolling in chairs down a dorm hallway. Student looking at a butterfly. Students spinning and flipping in zero gravity, on a trampoline, and off a bridge.

[Video Description]: Students at different Boise State Sporting events. Students performing outdoor activities for all seasons; Students snowboarding and skiing during winter and kayak and raft during the spring and summer. People are also parachuting down into an open field.

[Video Description]: Clips of the Boise State theater productions and beekeeping club activities shown back to back while more students work with teachers in labs.

[Video Description]: Students taking part in more outdoor activities like sailing, mountain biking, dancing and hacky sack.

[Video Description]: Boise State football games with an aerial helicopter view and a field time lapse.

[Video Description]: Boise state marching band practicing. A student lets a Boise State banner fall from a window in the Towers dorms. Student waves flag in middle of football field while drone circles around.

[Video Description]: Students releasing birds back into the wild. Students participating in a color run.

[Video Description]: Students and Buster Bronco dancing at different events throughout campus.

[Video Description]: Students practicing rock climbing in the gym. Landscape shots throughout Boise and campus.

[Video Description]: Compilation of different students celebrating being admitted to and graduating from Boise State.

[Video Description]: Cut to the Boise State University logo.