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Video Transcript – Malyk’s Story

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Malyk Walker I’m from Vacaville California and I’m the president of Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity. I think the number one thing that makes the Greek life community so unique at Boise State is the support that everyone has for each other, a lot of the fraternities in different schools really do compete and we compete too but here the support that’s different is it’s competing in a good nature. So a lot of us will compete against each other but then win or lose we always we’re family at the end of the day. I think that the Greek life is important in a college experience because the point of college is to experience like that’s the main point not the main point but it’s a huge point and in college if you want to experience a lot of things Greek life is going to help you get out there and I think that Greek life on campus is so important because like I said experience is number one and networking is number two networking is huge when you join the Greek life community I don’t know I think there’s like 17 hundred plus students on there, you just networked with seventeen hundred plus people so if you need something or you learn something and you make a new friend it could change your life in an instant you don’t even know it which I think is really amazing.