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Video Transcript – Meet Our Bronco Ambassadors

Video Transcript


[All]: Welcome to Boise State let’s meet your Bronco ambassadors


[Izzy]: I’m Izzy Segura I’m a freshman studying health sciences and I’m from Vail Oregon.

[Rainey]: I’m Rainey I’m a junior from Idaho Falls Idaho studying media.

[Haley]: My name is Haley Hughes I’m a sophomore and I’m studying communication and I’m from Santa Barbara California.

[Natalie]: I’m Natalie from Oregon I’m a junior Boyce’s today and I’m majoring in kinesiology.

[Mackenzie]: My name is Mackenzie I’m from Snoqualmie Washington studying political science and I am a sophomore.

[Teryn]: I’m Teryn I’m from Corona California I’m a freshman and I’m majoring in biology.

[Grace]: Hi I’m Grace I’m from Seattle Washington and studying economics and I’m a sophomore.

[John]: Hi I’m John I’m a junior from San Diego California and I’m studying administration.

[McKenna]: I’m McKenna I’m from wonderful Washington I’m studying media arts and I’m a freshman.

[Maddie]: I’m Maddie I’m a junior from Camas Washington and studying bilingual elementary educationĀ in Spanish.

[Sarah]: My name’s Sarah I’m from Danville California I’m studying business and I’m a freshman.

[Erika]: I’m Erika from Anchorage Alaska studying health sciences and I’m a senior.

[Noah]: Hi my name is Noah white I’m from San Diego California I’m a junior and I’m studying biology.

[Kathy]: My name is Kathy I’m a sophomore studying kinesiology and I’m from Goodyear Arizona.

[Megan]: I’m Megan a senior from Las Vegas Nevada and I’m majoring in house studies with a minor in biology.

[Lily]: I’m Lily I’m from St. Pete Florida I’m studying communications and I’m a freshman.

[Justin]: Hi I’m Justin from Boise I’m a freshman studying sociology.

[Elsie]: I’m Elsie I’m the sophomore from Butte Montana and I’m studying chemistry.

[Michaela]: I’m Michaela from Auburn Washington I’m a freshman studying criminal justice.

[Kyra]: Hi I’m Kyra Challenger I’m a junior I’m from Rancho Murieta California and I’m studying communication.

[Abby]: Hi I’m Abby I’m from Spokane Washington I’m studying human resource management and I’m a senior.

[Monica]: I’m Monica I’m from Huntington Beach California I’m a sophomore studying health sciences.

[Amanda]: i everyone my name is Amanda Ryder and I’m a junior here at Boise State studying communication and I’m from Folsom California.

[Ashley]: My name is Ashley our freshman studying chemistry and I’m from Camarillo California.

[Steven]: Hi I’m Steven from Boise junior studying health science.

[Jenni]: Hi I’m Jenni I’m from Santa Cruz California I’m majoring in communications and I am a sophomore.

[Nick]: I’m Nick I’m a junior studying finance and I’m from Piaf Washington.

[Callie]: I’m Callie I’m a freshman at Boise State I’m from Vancouver Washington and I’m studying elementary education.

[Jen]: Hi everyone my name is Jen I’m a sophomore from Reno Nevada and I’m studying biology.

[Avery]: Hi my name is Avery Douglas I’m from Spokane Washington and I’m a junior in the pre dental program.

[Mallory]: I’m Mallory I’m a senior instructor and Washington studying environmental studies.

[Joseph]: i I’m Joseph I’m a junior I’m from Wok Sachse Texas studying international business and Spanish.

[Jesse]: Hi I’m Jesse I’m a sophomore studying business and I’m from Mission Viejo California.

[Paige]: My name is Paige I’m from Roseville California I’m a junior and I’m studying nursing.

[Priscilla]: What’s up everybody my name is Priscilla Ramirez I’m from Fontana California studying biology here it’s my third year here at Boise State.

[Zach]: Hey y’all my name is Zach I’m a junior from Posche Idaho State psychology.

[Devin]: Hi I’m Devin I’m a junior here studying business and I’m from Auburn Washington.

[Hailey]: Hi my name is Hailey I am from meridian Idaho and i am a sophomore studying elementary education.

[Ben]: Hi I’m Ben and I’m a freshman from Sandpoint Idaho I’m a mechanical engineering major and a triple disciplinary major.

[Savannah]: My name is Savannah I’m from Auburn Washington I’m a junior and I’m studying marketing.

[Matthew]: My name is Matthew Heinlein I’m from do Walt Washington I’m a senior and I’m studying finance, go Broncos.

[All]: We are so excited to take you on tour so let’s go.