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Video Transcript – #OfficialBronco

Video Transcript

[Graphic: Confetti falls behind the text: Congratulations, #OFFICIALBRONCO!]

[Upbeat music]

A narrator stands in front of a display of Boise State themed balloons, pennants, and memorabilia.

[On-Screen Narrator]: Congratulations! If you’ve committed to Boise State by submitting your intent to enroll, it’s official! You’re a Bronco now!

Your college journey is just beginning, and we’re so excited to celebrate this major accomplishment with you, your friends and, your family. Share this exciting news with your community by using the hashtag #OfficialBronco on social media and tag our Boise State Admissions account for the chance to be featured on our page and entered into some awesome giveaways!


[Narrator]: Plus, check out our official Bronco web page where you can find fun downloads ways to connect with other students in your incoming class, and all kinds of resources for planning your next steps.

[Demonstration of scrolling through the #OfficialBronco web page to find features for Official Broncos]

We can’t wait to get to know you better and welcome you at the start of the semester. In the meantime, there are a few steps you can take to prepare for what’s ahead. If you haven’t already, be sure to register for orientation, check out our outdoor summer welcome programs, and consider booking a campus visit to get a sneak peek of all that awaits you at Boise State.

[Video of people at orientation, rafting the Payette River at a summer welcome program, and scenic shots of campus]

We’re so glad you’re joining our tight knit community of blue turf thinkers at Boise State and look forward to boldly blazing new trails with you! Go Broncos!

[Graphic: Boise State University]