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Video Transcript – This is Boise State

Video Transcript


[Video]: Montage of students participating in various school and Boise related activities

[Video – Student activities in order of appearance]: Students surveying land from a high vantage points. Student looking through music at a record store before selecting a record to look at more.

[Video Description]: Students happily sitting on a couch talking and enjoying iced beverages. Students laughing while listening to music and trying on headphones.

[Video Description]: Student paddling in a kayak out on the water. Students jumping and frolicking through grass.

[Video Description]: Time lapse of Boise facing the capitol building throughout the afternoon. Aerial drone shot of BSU campus.

[Video Description]: Presenter lecturing to students with a presentation containing images of berries. Close up of a singer in a band performing music.

[Video Description]: Students talking in large lecture hall. Wide shot of students walking through BSU campus.

[Video Description]: Buster Bronco waving in the back of a car with other students participating in a parade.

[Video Description]: Instructor using a virtual reality headset with haptic gloves on. Students inside of a classroom. Student working on a laptop. Student working with equipment in a lab.

[Video Description]: Timelapse of students filling into their seats for graduation. Graduation ceremony showing multiple students with their families and celebrating. Student does a backflip before confetti shoots off.

[Video Description]: Cut to the Boise State University logo.