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Video Transcript – Why I Chose Boise State | Chey

Video Transcript

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[Chey Sheen, civil engineering major, student body president]: My name is Cheyon Sheen. I just go by Chey. And I’m studying civil engineering, and I grew up in Twin Falls. I didn’t actually know you had to apply to college until my senior year. I had a college counselor and she didn’t even know what FAFSA was, and so we were trying to learn what FAFSA was together. It was kind of like a confusing, little overwhelming process because I didn’t know that I had to have all these extracurriculars, or essays and test scores.

[Video Description]: Chey happily chatting and socializing with two of her peers as they walk down a bright-lit staircase.

[Chey]: I think the biggest thing was I wanted to be somewhere where the people would fully accept me for who I am, and also help me grow into somebody that I wanted to be. And I think on paper that is really, really hard to find. I think that I just, I kind of got lucky falling into Boise State and being surrounded by people who care so much about students and want to create a community for them.


[Chey]: I didn’t really know what the college experience meant, and I think now that I’ve experienced it, it’s helped me realize like, oh- like I didn’t know that this even existed in post-Secondary education. And so I would say, like, when you’re looking at these things like, look at schools that fit you, and don’t try to be somebody to try to fit that school culture.

[Video Description]: Chey and a peer enthusiastically greet each other. Chey and a group of peers collaborating in a study group.

[Chey]:  I started studying civil engineering because I was just like, okay, I want to do something with math and science. And then, when I became to learn about how I can use my skills to help elevate people and help close those gaps, and their needs. That translated directly into my academics and civil engineering and it help me understand how infrastructure has such a big impact of how we live our lives and navigate the world.

[Video Description]: Students walking happily while they converse. Chey posing with peers and Buster Bronco. Chey seen a variety of exciting events.

[Chey]: And so I think without my ASBSU experience and being involved in these spaces of seeing needs, I wouldn’t have been able to translate that into a degree, that seems on the surface very just, just math and science. I think I’m especially excited because I’ve accepted an offer to a company that is doing work that I feel like really marries my passions, and my skills, and the kind of good work that I want to contribute into the world. And, it’s exciting to know that I’ve spent all this time trying to develop who I am. And then now I just like get to step into this same thing, but more on a like bigger grand scale level. The people at Boise State University are going to help you connect all those dots and open those doors for you to get there. And in order for you to do that, you need to show up. You need to be present. You need to tell people who you are, and especially, advocate for yourself. I think that’s the really amazing thing about Boise State is like, you get to really lean into who you are, and blue turf thinking is like, okay–and then let’s advance that, and let’s be innovative with that.