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Video Transcript – Your Best Comes Out of the Blue

Video Transcript

[Video showcases different students here at Boise State starting with Scott Matlock, a football player, sitting in the stadium bleacher.]

[Radio Announcer]: Scott Matlock, underrated recruit, has built himself into one of the best defensive players in the Mountain West.

[Motivational Music]

[Narrator]: What would you do if you couldn’t fail? Would you see every setback as a catalyst to keep going? This is the innovator’s mindset, because innovation demands daring.

[The next student we see is Kayly Pau, a volleyball player, on a volleyball court warming up. We then see Dr. David Estrada walking into his lab followed by Pangaea Finn at a piano and Ally Almaraz at a microscope.]

[Narrator]: It’s finding thousands of ways that don’t work, and the one that changes everything. It’s when your unrelenting spirit sees the world’s needs and says, I will create something better.

[We then see all of them in action; Scott Matlock is working hard at practice while Ally Almaraz prepares for important work. Next, we see Pangaea Finn performing on a piano in front of an audience followed by Dr. Estrada working in a lab while Kayly spikes a volleyball.]

[We see Dr. Estrada teaching a full class while Kayly makes a great save on the court before seeing Ally putting on a coat and walking through a lab. Finally, we see Pangaea walking out to a recital while Kayly and Scott make their ways out to their games.]

[Narrator]: So what will you do? Will you let your genius run wild? Give yourself the space to be great? Set your sights on something even bigger? Because we know changing the world doesn’t happen by chance.

[Crowd]: Boise! State!

[Narrator]: It comes out of the blue.

[Crowd]: Boise! State!

[Graphic: OUT OF THE BLUE]

[Graphic: Boise State University]