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AI In Education

This site includes resources for instructors and academic officials as they encounter questions related to student use of artificial intelligence tools. These resources are presented by key campus stakeholders from the Center for Teaching and Learning, Learning Technology Solutions, the Academic Integrity program, the Writing Center, and eCampus Center.


Sample Syllabus Statement

A Sample AI-Use Statement for Your Syllabus

Strategies for Supporting Students

Principles and Ideas for Effective Writing Activities

The Boise State Writing Center

Support for Students in all Aspects of Writing

The Center for Teaching and Learning

Support with Pedagogy and Assessment Design

Learning Technology Solutions

Learn about Boise State’s Supported Technology Tools for Teaching Online

Academic Testing Center

Support with Proctoring and Assessment Strategies


Expertise and Guidance on the Development of Online Offerings

The Academic Integrity Program

Helping Instructors Prevent Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism

External AI Resources

Ai Resources
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