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Welcome to our Artificial Intelligence in Education hub. We’re here to empower you to discover, design, and innovate ideas using cutting-edge AI tools and methodologies. Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just beneficial, it’s essential to teaching and learning on campus. So, join us as we dive into the exciting world of AI and discover its transformative potential at Boise State and on the Blue.

About Us

The AI in Teaching and Learning committee believes in providing you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the ever-evolving AI environment effectively. We view AI tools as a way to optimize teaching, learning, research, and administrative processes while continuing to uphold ethical principles and practices.

AI in Education Charter

Example Syllabus Statement

We welcome innovation and curiosity for the use of Artificial Intelligence. We also believe in instructor autonomy with using these tools. Here are three different syllabi statements that can be tailored to fit your classroom needs. Each statement reflects varying degrees of AI use in courses.

Example AI syllabus statements

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Literacy and Student Success

This 1-2 hour course will get you or your students familiar with AI tools and how to use them responsibly. You can self-enroll and check it out for yourself and you are encouraged to integrate this course directly into your classes. Students will earn a certificate upon completion. Certificates are good for six months. This allows students to take the course just one time and share the certificate with all of their instructors.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Literacy and Student Success

Resources for Faculty and Staff

AI in Online Courses

AI support at eCampus

AI Resources

learn more about AI

Academic Integrity

AI & teaching

Strategies for Supporting Students

ethical use of AI
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