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Student Philanthropy Board

Boise State Student Philanthropy Board Grant Program

The Student Philanthropy Board Grant Program seeks to facilitate positive student engagement by providing funding to a wide variety of student-led philanthropic initiatives. We are committed to supporting events and initiatives that reach a diverse audience and positively impact the University. Administered by the SPB, each year $25,000 in grant money will be awarded to support the philanthropic efforts of various Boise State University student organizations and individuals.

Our Why

The driving force behind the Student Philanthropy Board is to introduce the concept of philanthropy and university philanthropic support to current Boise State University students, grow the culture of giving on campus and foster unwavering enthusiasm for Boise State University.

The Boise State University Student Philanthropy Board gives students opportunities to lead major university programs, encourage philanthropic impact that inspires support for Boise State and increase involvement in activities that promote their affinity and spirit for Boise State University.

Meet the Board

Fulbright Scholar

Nathaniel Campbell '22

“Being a part of the Student Philanthropy Board was the most engaging and fulfilling experience I had during my time at Boise State University. It enhanced my professional abilities by providing me the opportunity to build connections with passionate individuals across the university community. By embodying a unique approach to student-led philanthropy efforts, the board fostered innovative strategies about problem solving and collaboration for a diverse group of future leaders. I am happy to say the Student Philanthropy Board played a significant role in furthering my trajectory during and beyond my Boise State career.”

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