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Student Philanthropy Grant Program

The Student Philanthropy Board Grant Program seeks to facilitate positive student engagement by providing funding to a wide variety of student-led philanthropic initiatives. We are committed to supporting events and initiatives that reach a diverse audience and positively impact the University.

This program is a new initiative in philanthropy at Boise State University. Administered by the SPB, each year $25,000 in grant money will be awarded to support the philanthropic efforts of various Boise State University student organizations and individuals.

What's the Right Grant Program For Me?

ASBSU Grant Program

ASBSU provides funding for unique, signature events that create innovative opportunities for students, promote their participation in conferences, and bring students together in collaboration. The grant request cycle for the 2022-2023 academic year opens July 1st. Grant hearings will begin in August and will be heard in the order in which they are received.

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Student Philanthropy Board Grant Program

The Student Philanthropy Board Grant Program offers grants to student clubs, organizations or individual students on campus. The Student Philanthropy Board meets twice a year (once during the fall semester and once in the spring semester) to hear from students who demonstrate a need for financial support for a philanthropic cause. These students will be required to provide a grant request and make a presentation to the board for grant consideration.

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