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Graduate Faculty

Graduate faculty at critique

The graduate faculty consists of artists, designers, art historians, and art educators interested in contributing to every student’s learning experience. Their works have been exhibited and presented nationally and across the globe. They are committed to the highest standards of excellence in their fields and to the realization of the potential of the MFA students. The graduate faculty are diverse in their ideas, their research, and their art, and are engaged in the dialogue of contemporary art.


Jill AnnieMargaret
M.F.A. in Printmaking: California State University, Long Beach / printmaking; drawing; mixed media
Website: Jill AnnieMargaret

Roland Becerra
M.F.A. Yale University, School of Art / digital illustration; animation; filmaking

Laurie Blakeslee
M.F.A. in Photography: University of Arizona, Tucson / photography, video, mixed media

Niharika Dinkar
Ph.D. State University of New York at Stony Brook / South Asian visual culture; postcolonial theory, gender and performance studies

Caroline Earley
M.F.A. in Ceramics: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee / thrown and altered form, slip casting, digital and industrial methods, installation, contemporary craft
Website: Caroline Earley

Chad Erpelding
M.F.A. in Painting: Southern Illinois University Carbondale / painting, drawing, digital media, mixed media
Website: Chad Erpelding

Francis Fox
M.F.A. in Sculpture: University of Wyoming / sculpture
Website: Francis Fox

Tomasz Grusiecki
PhD in Art History: McGill University / central and eastern European art and visual culture, 1500–1700; global art histories; trans-cultural studies

Kathleen Keys
Ph.D. in Art Education: The Ohio State University / community arts, activism, and art education

Lily Lee
M.F.A. University of Oregon / Sculpture
Website: Lily Lee

Craig Peariso
PhD in Art History and Criticism and Cultural Studies: State University of New York at Stony Brook / modern and contemporary visual culture, aesthetics and politics, critical race theory and queer theory

Jonathon Sadler
M.F.A. in Photography: School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston / All levels of photography
Website: John Sadler

Dan Scott
M.F.A. in Painting and Drawing: New York Academy of Art / drawing and painting
Website: Dan Scott

Anika Smulovitz
M.F.A. in Studio Arts: University of Wisconsin-Madison / jewelry and metalsmithing (contemporary adornment, Judaica, and hollowware); body art; contemporary craft; sculpture; fiber art
Website: Anika Smulovitz

Astri Snodgrass
MFA in Studio Art: The University of Alabama / painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, mixed media
Website: Astri Snodgrass

Lee Ann Turner
Ph.D. in Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World: University of Pennsylvania / Ancient, Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Medieval art history; Archaeology; Mythology

Kate Walker
M.F.A. in Painting: University of Arizona / painting, digital video, 2D interdisciplinary studio
Website: Kate Walker

Brian Wiley
MFA Visual Studies, Graphic Design: Minneapolis College of Art & Design / Design