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Courses and Advising

professor pointing out facial muscles on powerpoint in applied anatomy lecture
Year and TermCourse NumberCourse NameCredits
Year 1 Summer (7 credits)Course (7 weeks)
MAT 503 Principles of Athletic Training4
MAT 505 Fundamentals of Clinical Diagnosis and Therapeutic Interventions2
MAT 500 Foundation of Clinical Practice in AT1
Year 1 Fall (9 credits)Course (15 weeks)
MAT 512Therapeutic Interventions: Modalities2
MAT 514Dx & Therapeutic Interventions I: LE4
MAT 510Clinical Practice in AT I3
Year 1 Spring (10 credits)Course (15 weeks)
MAT 523Dx & Therpeutic Interventions II: UE4
KINES 525Research Methods in AT3
MAT 520Clinical Practice in AT II3
Year 2 Summer (7 credits)Course (7 weeks)
MAT 532Dx & Therapeutic Interventions III: Med. Cond. & Pharm.2
MAT 536Administration in Athletic Training2
MAT 534Advanced Nutrition and Exercise Prescription2
MAT 530 Clinical Practice in AT III1
Year 2 Fall (10 credits)Course (15 weeks)
MAT 543Dx & Therapeutic Interventions IV: Head-Spine4
KINES 545Behavioral Health in the Physically Active Patient3
MAT 540Clinical Practice in AT IV3
Year 2 Spring (7 credits)MAT 591Project (Clinical Research in AT)1
MAT 598Seminar1
MAT 552Current Evidence and Practice in Athletic Training2
MAT 550Clinical Practice in AT V3
Total Credits50