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2nd Place Student Poster Award, Shital Dhakal, 2014 SERNW-GB Regional Conference on Collaborative Restoration, Redmond, OR.

2nd Place in ASPRS 2012 John I. Davidson President’s Award for Practical Papers, David Streutker, Nancy Glenn, Rupesh Shrestha, 2012, PE&RS.

Best Poster Award, EPSCoR Third Annual Western Tri-State Consortium Meeting, Carol Moore, Undergraduate student, Using 3D visualizations for environmental outreach, April 2011, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM.

1st Place Student Research Presentation 2011 Intermountain GIS Conference, Pam Bond, 2011, LiDAR-derived height and canopy cover estimation of a sagebrush steppe community, March 2011, Pocatello, ID.

Outstanding PhD Student, Idaho State University, Joel Sankey, 2010.

1st Place Student Research Poster 2010 Intermountain GIS Conference, Pam Bond, 2010, LiDAR classification of Sagebrush Communities, Bozeman, MT.

Undergraduate Student Researcher Award, Great Basin Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit, Carol Moore, 2008, CESU Annual Meeting, Reno, NV.

INRA 1st Prize Student Poster Award, Jacob Tibbits, 2007, The use of Remote Sensing and GIS to Model Rangeland Health Characteristics. INRA-BSU Environmental Sensing Symposium, Boise, ID.

INRA 2nd Prize Student Poster Award, Jessica Mitchell, 2007, Matched Filter Abundance Estimates in Mixture Tuned Matched Filtered Classifications of Leafy Spurge. INRA-BSU Environmental Sensing Symposium, Boise, ID.