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Equipment Rental

We currently rent out our spatial remote sensing equipment to BSU personnel, state and federal agencies, and the general public. Shipping not included; insurance required for some equipment.

More about equipment rental

RTK GPS: Topcon Hiper V

The Topcon Hiper V is a real time kinematic (RTK) GPS capable of sub-centimeter accuracy. Rental includes: rover range pole, base tripod and tribrach, base receiver, rover receiver, handheld GPS controller, and all necessary batteries and chargers.
GPS Documentation

RTK GPS EquipmentBSU RateState and Federal RatePublic Rate
Topcon Hiper V$31.76 per day$44.62 per day$350.00 per day
Research Technician Training and Setup$75.62 per rental$106.25 per rental$200 per rental
Student Training and Setup$49.37 per rental$69.39 per rental

Terrestrial Laser Scanner: Riegl VZ1000

The Riegl VZ1000 Terrestrial Laser Scanner collects dense 3D point clouds of built and natural environments. This long range scanner is capable of scanning objects up to 1400m. We currently do not rent the unit without an accompanying operator.
TLS Documentation

TLS EquipmentBSU RateState and Federal RatePublic Rate
TLS Equipment$292.94 per day$411.58 per day$1100.00 per day
Research Technician Setup and Operation$378.13 per day$531.23 per day$750.00 per day
Student Setup and Operation$246.84 per day$346.81 per day
Research Technician post-processing$37.81 per hour$53.12 per hour$75 per hour
Student post-processing$24.68 per hour$34.68 per hour

Portable Spectroradiometer: FieldSpec Pro

The ASD FieldSpec Pro collects spectrum from 350 – 2500 nm. It is carried on the back. A laptop is tethered to the ASD and is used to collect and store spectra. The optics consist of a fiber optic cable and pistol grip for steady collection. Several fore optic filters, 1 degree and 8 degree, are available upon request. The FieldSpec can be used in a lab environment when the included contact probe is used.

FieldSpec Pro Quick Guide

FieldSpec Pro Setup and Use

FieldSpec Pro for Lab Scanning

Spectroscopy EquipmentBSU RateState and Federal RatePublic Rate
FieldSpec Pro Rental$134.74 per day$189.31 per day$1032.00 per day
HandHeld 2 Rental$13.07 per day$18.36 per day$250 per day
Research Technician Training and Setup$151.24 per rental$212.49 per rental$350.00 per rental
Student Training and Setup$98.74 per rental$138.72 per rental

HandHeld 2

The HandHeld 2 hand-held spectroradiometer is a low-cost, easy to use, visible-near infrared (325 – 1075 nm spectral range) spectrometer. Rental includes transportation case, 4″ spectralon panel, and the HandHeld 2.

HandHeld 2 Documentation

ASD HandHeld 2 EquipmentBoise State/State of Idaho Agencies RateOther State & Federal Rate
HH2, white reference, batteries, accessories, and software$13.07 per day$18.36 per day
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