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Haley’s Microneedles Article on ASM’s Webpage

Recently, Haley Bridgewater (Ph.D. Candidate) published a short article in the American Society for Microbiology (ASM). The article titled “Vaccines Delivered via Dissolvable Skin Patches” mentions how dissolvable microneedles can be a route of delivery for vaccines into our body. The article describes that the term “microneedle” is misleading as it is not actually not a needle, but is phrased that only because they can easily penetrate the skin. Microneedle are dissolvable patches about the size of a stamp and composed of about 100 microscopic cone that penetrate the skin. They offer many benefits over the typical intramuscular needle which many of our vaccines are delivered from today, such as fewer side effects, painless delivery, and the ability to prevent transmission. Check-out the article for more details!