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Dr. Laxman Mainali’s Collaboration on Eye Lens Research

Dr. Laxman Mainali (Faculty) recently published in the Membranes Journal on the amount of phospholipids and cholesterol in different domains of the eye lens and looking at age-related changes within those two molecules. Dr. Mainali and his collaborators (Dr. Marija Raguz, University of Split School of Medicine in Croatia and Dr. Witold Karol Subczynski, Medical College of Wisconsin) were able to conclude that there is a “delicate relationship between lipid and integral protein content as well as solubilities of lipid molecules (i.e., Chol and PLs) in membrane lipid domains (according to solubility constants and solubility thresholds) affect organization of both lipids and integral proteins in membranes.” The manuscript titled: Quantification of Age-Related Changes in the Lateral Organization of the Lipid Portion of the Intact Membranes Isolated from the Left and Right Eye Lenses of the Same Human Donor is now available for access on MDPI. Dr. Mainali continues to show the usefulness of  Electron Paragenetic Resonance (EPR) with a variety of spin labels on determining cholesterol and phospholipid content.