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Biomolecular Sciences Graduate Programs’ Forms

**Please note: Prior to using or accessing graduate college forms, the site will require you to sign into MyBoiseState in order to gain access**


The BMOL graduate programs’ office maintains several internal forms that you will need along your path to your degree. These forms were designed to ensure that you are successful through each step of the program.

Ph.D. Forms

MS Forms


Throughout your graduate career you will be required to fill out several Boise State Graduate College Forms. Forms such as the Appointment of Supervisory Committee Form, Application for Admissions to Candidacy, and Graduate Defense Notification Form are located below:

Thesis and Dissertation Information

What do I need to do to write my dissertation/prepare for my dissertation?

How do I get approval to defend my dissertation?

Internal Steps Needed for Dissertation – Report to Beth for Finishing Schedule

Meet with Program Coordinator to create finishing scheduleContact Program Coordinator Beth Gee to set up and review finishing schedule.
Meet with your supervisory
committee and provide draft of
A minimum of two months prior to your anticipated
dissertation defense date, meet with your Supervisory
Committee to verify that your dissertation is sufficiently well
developed to likely be defendable. Establish an anticipated
defense date that works for all members of your committee.
Submit “Final Oral Examination
Permission” form
At least 5 weeks prior to anticipated defense date, submit your
dissertation to Supervisory Committee along with the
program form “Final Oral Examination Permission”. This
form must be signed by all and returned before the next step
can proceed. This ensures that your dissertation is ready to
defend and allows your defense to be scheduled.
Submit final copy of dissertationAt least one month prior to your anticipated defense date,
submit your dissertation to Supervisory Committee and
provide a copy to the Graduate College (Associate Dean and
Thesis and Dissertation Coordinator), cc program
administration on this email. Provide your dissertation to all
members of your Supervisory Committee. Program
administration wills send to Graduate Faculty Representative
Work with the Biomolecular
Sciences Program office to
schedule your defense (same time)
Inform the program office of the defense dates that your
entire supervisory committee is available. The program office
will contact GFR to determine the defense date, time, and
Submit Graduate
Notification form
This form is located on the Graduate College webpage.
Distribute AnnouncementWork with the program office to ensure that a defense
announcement is distributed. This announcement must also
be sent to the Graduate College so they can post it on the
Master’s’ and Doctoral Defense page.
Take to defenseUse template on Graduate College webpage to prepare the
Defense Committee Approval page and the Final Reading
Approval page. Obtain all signatures at end of defense and
promptly return to Program Office for delivery to Graduate

Applying for Graduation

After the Application for Admission to Candidacy (AAC) form has been processed you will need to Apply for Graduation in my.BoiseState. To apply, do the following:

Login to my.BoiseState, click on Student Center, then, under the Academics banner, click on the drop-down box containing the entry, “other academics…”, then select “Apply for Graduation”.

During the application process you will be asked to pay the diploma fee for a degree. You may use your credit card to pay. Please check the academic calendar on the Registrar’s website to be sure that you meet the deadline for applying:
If you have any further questions, Please contact Beth Gee at

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