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Five Questions with Vanessa Fry

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Note: The Blue Review is publishing a series of work that helps us to better understand the COVID-19 crisis. We’ll be featuring pieces that put the crisis in context, or highlight community responses to the pandemic.

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Five Questions with Vanessa Fry
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A Selection of Some of Our Most Popular Pieces

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by Christopher Mathias

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Jeffrey Lyons, Boise State University

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Luke Fowler, Boise State University

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Nicole Bare Kinney

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Todd Shallat

The Post-Rhetorical Presidency of Barack Obama

Justin S. Vaughn

Boise's Forgotten Pandemic

Todd Shallat

Reimagining the National Park System

Robert Pahre, University of Illinois

Anger and Division in American Politics

Cornell Clayton, Washington State

The Undue Cost of Academic Publishing

Memo Cordova and Amber Sherman

The Long, Lonely Job of Homo academicus

John Ziker
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