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Coronavirus Conversations

A special Blue Review series on the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus Conversations

We want to hear YOUR pandemic story

We are living in a historic moment. People of the future will be interested in how we all adjusted to new ways of daily life. The Boise State University Archives wants to collect, share, and preserve your stories about your life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When you add your story to the Archives, you will have the option of sharing it for publication in the Blue Review. You can use your name or remain anonymous. It just takes a few minutes.

Share whatever you like: Journals, photographs, social media, artwork, videos, poetry, emails, personal reflections, blog posts, or anything that represents your thoughts, feelings, observations, and experiences about this historic time.

Thank you for reading the Blue Review. We do our best to bring you relevant, informative and timely articles. Please consider adding your story to our pages.
Share your pandemic story

In Idaho, Republicans’ support for mask mandates falls if they are enforced

By Luke Fowler and Jeffrey Lyons

Population Growth, Inequality and the Digital Frontier in the Shadow of the Pandemic in the American West

By Saleh Ahmed, Elizabeth Eklund and Vanessa Fry

Responses of Municipal Governments to the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Cheong Kim, Matthew May and Vanessa Fry

The Trump administration feuded with state and local leaders over pandemic response

Ana Maria Dimand and Benjamin M. Brunjes

Spring 2020 Final Reflection

by Isabel Hauber

On Being Quarantined

By Katie Wright

COVID-19, Donald Trump And The False Dilemma Fallacy

By Gregory Raymond

How the coronavirus increases terrorism threats in the developing world

By Nisha Bellinger

Coronavirus closures could lead to a radical revolution in conservation

By Libby Lunstrum

Battlefield: Boredom

By Ltc. Joe Heaton

Brazilian Federalism and State Level Policy Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

VanDusky-Allen, Shvetsova and Zhirnov

History Quiz: Pandemic Edition

By Todd Shallat

Understanding Data Models

By Greg Hill

Coronavirus closes in on Rohingya refugees

By Saleh Ahmed

Wildfire smoke worsens coronavirus risk, putting firefighters in extra danger

By Luke Montrose

Democratic governors are quicker in responding to the coronavirus than Republicans

By Fowler, Kettler and Witt

In the Pandemic's Wake, Let's Create More Park Spaces

By John Freemuth

Who is Most Likely to Voluntarily Comply with COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations?

By Luke Fowler and Steve Utych