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The Strategic Foundation of our Brand


Informed by extensive research and in-depth qualitative discovery, the brand platform aligns our community around the core messages, personality traits, and cultural values that differentiate Boise State University.

This is a work of strategy, and so specific words and ideas are intended more as an internal guidepost for marketing and communications than external use. Download printable brand platform handout (PDF) to use as a reference.

Our Promise

Audacious approaches that make real impact.

This short, strategic statement encapsulates why we came to be and who we’ll be for the years to come. It describes the heart of our brand into one thought.

Our Personality


These core themes express what we do, how it’s experienced, and why it’s different.

Scott Mattlock gazing at the blue turf


“Blue” is our driving force and our bold willingness to do things differently. Our impact breaks the mold because we ask different questions that provide new outcomes. Blue is what the world sees when we get our hands on a challenge.

Volleyball player posing in hallway


“Turf” are the spaces where things get done. It’s here on our own campus and in our community. This is our turf, the place where change and innovation happens and touches the world.

David Estrada and student working in lab


“Thinking” is our purpose. We take an interdisciplinary perspective to our academics. We are unapologetic about combining creativity, research, and our individual passions to do the unthinkable.


Brief, strategic statements that convey our brand.

Unrelenting Spirit

We have the guts and audacity to buck the status quo, take risks and demand a better way.

Boise State’s distinct and bold vision for the future requires an unrelenting spirit. We take the risks that matter, break barriers that stand in our way, and dare others to tell us we can’t. Buck the status quo, we are doing this the Blue Turf way.

Community University

We create spaces and opportunities that facilitate discourse, support our communities and lead to meaningful impact.

Boise State is a community university — a place where physical spaces facilitate collaboration, our culture encourages discourse, and our community expands well beyond our walls. Boise State is both a destination and a jumping-off point to wherever meaningful impact is needed.

Creative Research

We are committed to fostering and environment where research and creative activity drive meaningful change.

Boise State is challenging the ”right way” to do research and demanding a better way. A way that helps solve the most pressing issues of our time by facilitating ambitious, transdisciplinary research projects and producing industry-ready graduates dedicated to making a difference.

Impacting Idaho

We are committed to serving Idahoans across all dimensions.

Boise State’s efforts on campus are guided by a dedication to public service off campus. We strive to serve and strengthen Idahoans through community projects, applicable research, expert services and accessible education. When our community, our nation and our world experience challenges, Broncos always step up to help.

Brand Platform

Our Strategy In Action

How did we get here and where are we going? Check out some of the research behind the development of our brand platform and see how we are expressing our strategy in the Out of The Blue campaign.

The Research

How did we get here?

Our Strategy Expressed

Out of The Blue Campaign