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CEBS Professional Development

We offer professional development opportunities to research project leads and to the larger Boise State community to help you apply team science to build productive research teams, learn from more senior researchers, participate in networking events, and gain from reference materials such as tools, samples, and quick links. The latter can make it easier to learn about funders, strategy, and how to apply for funding.

We also help Boise State and partners with planning and with editing individual or team proposals when the principal investigator (PI) is with Boise State. We give priority to COBRE research project leads, then to Boise State researchers applying to the National Institutes of Health, and finally to partners working with Boise State PI so long as work is consistent with the COBRE theme.

News, Opportunities & Events

Click here for more information regarding news, opportunities, and events.

Online Resources for Boise State Personnel

The College of Engineering (COEN) Office of Research Development & Support provides a robust intranet with guidance on building a research program and getting to know important campus partners. Tools, templates, and samples, are also available. This site is only available to Boise State personnel. Here are a few key links to help you get started, with a focus on the biomedical arena.