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Biomechanics and Mechanobiology (BMMB) Facility

ServiceUnitBSU Internal RateNon-Profit RateCommercial Rate
Skyscan MicroCT System Use & Trainingper instrument hour$58.02$81.52$116.68
Skyscan MicroCT System Data Analysisper instrument hour$14.15$19.88$25.00
Flexcellper instrument hour$8.11$11.39$23.82
Cell Culture Suiteper instrument hour$3.43$4.82 $22.84
LSM900 Microscopeper instrument hour$7.37$10.35$29.86
Simulated Microgravityper instrument hour$4.33$6.08$26.11
Laborper labor hour$58.61$82.35$85.00

The BMMB core staff provides training and project assistance. Open access will be granted to trained and independent users during business hours. If you have any questions regarding our services or wish to know more about BMMB and its applications, please contact us:

Gunes Uzer
Associate Professor, Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering Department
Phone: (208) 426-4461


Cell culture (MEC 308)

This includes the use of a cell culture facility, complete with Biosafety cabinet, centrifuge, inspection microscope, pipette set (2-1000uL), pipettor, incubator space (37C, 5%CO2), water bath and access to a 4C fridge . We will also offer consumables to get you started immediately but users are expected to purchase their own consumable materials and replenish what they have used (serological pipettes, tubes, media, etc…).

Dedicated space for custom made bioreactors is available. Users are expected to provide their own reagents and consumables (pipet tips, serological pipettes, tissue culture plates, etc.). A suggested list of consumables is listed here.

Flexcell (MEC 308)

Flexcell (MEC 308) equipment

This includes the use of Flexcell FX-5000 bioreactor for strain applications. This system uses 6-well plate format to apply equibiaxial strain (0.1-10% @ 0.1 to 1Hz) in 2D cultures and 3D gels. Strain profiles can be set manually using a waveform generator and can be programmed to apply regimens automatically.  Up to 4 6-well plates can be stimulated at any given time. Please refer to the product manual for further specifications.  Users will have access to a PC and a sample prep area.

sMG (MEC 308)

This includes the use of a clinostat system for adherent cells (fibroblasts, stem cells, osteoblasts etc…) Please refer to our publications for system details.

Skyscan MicroCT (MEC 308)

Skyscan MicroCT (MEC 308) equipment

The SkyScan 1172 High resolution X-ray Micro-CT Scanner utilized for scanning high-density tissues such as bones to low-density softer tissue such as lung.
The Skyscan 1172 with dynamically variable acquisition geometry provides the shortest scan times possible at any magnification and cross-section images are generated in a wide range of formats up to 8000 x 8000 pixels.