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Opportunities & Resources

Opportunities & Resources

Faculty Funding Opportunities

Internal Opportunities

COBRE in Matrix Biology Funding Opportunities
  • Call for White Papers — The IDeA Programs Office is accepting white papers of faculty who are interested in undertaking biomedical research that requires the use of shared research core facilities.
  • The Biomolecular Research Core Facility Voucher Program: This program is intended to subsidize the use of the Biomolecular Research Core Facility.  Boise State researchers are welcome to apply.
  • COBRE in Matrix Biology Junior Investigator Grant Program: The NIH Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) in Matrix Biology at Boise State funds Junior Investigators with the objective of enhancing nationally competitive matrix biology research and the goal of increasing biomedical research activity in a thematically focused multidisciplinary manner.
  • COBRE in Matrix Biology Research Travel Grant: This grant application is open to Boise State University faculty members or Boise State University graduate level students wanting to present biomedical/matrix biology specific research at a national conference.
Convergent Engineering and Biomolecular Science (CEBS) COBRE Funding Opportunities

Idaho INBRE Bioinformatics Core Technology Access Program: This opportunity is open to biomedical investigators for projects that utilize core facilities in Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming. An array of biomedical research projects will be supported.

External Opportunities


Internal Resources

Basic Lab Safety Requirements

College of Engineering (COEN) Office of Research Development & Support created tools, templates, and samples for Boise State personnel with a focus on biomedical related support information.  The following information can only be accessed through the Boise State intranet.

Recharge Centers

Boise State Recharge Centers

Boise State Recharge Centers Information Page

NIH COBRE Related Recharge Centers at Boise State University
Fabrication, Characterization, and Testing Core (FaCT Core) Facilities:

Posters & Logos


If you are in need of making a poster approved by BSU, here is their poster template.

Poster Template

Downloadable logos

Need a BSU and BRI official logo for a project, poster, website or more? These are the logos approved by NIH, BSU, the BRI and COBRE can use.

Logo Gallery