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Real-Time and Quantitative PCR

ABI7300ABI 7300 Real Time PCR System

The ABI 7300 Real Time PCR System combines thermal cycling, fluorescence detection and application specific software to measure the cycle-by-cycle accumulation of PCR products in a single-tube reaction. The ABI utilizes a 96 well format supporting a volume range of 20-100 µl. Four-color detection provides the flexibility to perform a variety of applications which include gene expression analysis, pathogen quantification and SNP genotyping. Software includes plate setup wizard, advanced data viewing, sorting and graphing capabilities with quantitative results that are available immediately upon completion of PCR.

SmartCycler Real Time PCrSmart Cycler Real Time PCR

The Smart Cycler Real Time PCR machine from Cepheid utilizes the I-CORE module of microfluidic and microelectronic design. Each Smart Cycler processing block contains 16 independently programmable I-CORE modules, each of which performs four-color, real-time fluorometric detection.  A variety of simplex or multiplex fluorescent tags can ne used in conjunction with this system including FAM, TET< ALEXA 532m ALEXA 748, TAM, ROX, SYBE Green, Cy3, Texas Red and others.

Veriti Thermal CyclerVeriti Thermal Cycler

The Veriti Thermal Cycler from Applied Biosystems has six independent temperature blocks which adds increased flexibility and precision ideal for PCR optimization and the comprehensive gene amplification. The Veriti has an easy touch screen user interface. The Veriti is a thermal cycler is equipped with a 96-well format compatible with standard 0.2ml PCR tubes and 96 well reaction plates.

GeneAmp 2720GeneAmp 2720Thermal Cycler

The GeneAmp 2720Thermal Cycler, also from Applied Biosystems, is designed for a full range of PCR and cycle sequencing applications. The GeneAmp 2720 is a thermal cycler is equipped with a 96-well format compatible with standard 0.2ml PCR tubes and 96 well reaction plates.

Mastercycler ep realplexMastercycler ep realplex

The Mastercycler ep realplex is designed to meet all the requirements of quantitative PCR applications which includes extremely fast temperature ramping, short detection times and intuitive assay programming translate to huge time-savings so that more experiments can completed per day-always with accurate and reliable results. It′s flexibility is beyond compare-this completely open system allows you to use tubes, plates and reagents of your choice. No other real-time cycler on the market today offers such freedom.

Roche’s Light Cycler 96Mastercycler ep realplex

The Roche’s Light Cycler 96 utilizes leading-edge fixed fiber optics to provide simultaneous and therefore unbiased real-time data capture from one, and up to four, channels. This light cycler was designed with both four excitation and four emission filters, with a 10-50μl reaction volume, to accommodate a sample format of an 8-tube strip or 96 well plates and with detection formats that include intercalating dyes and hydrolysis probes.