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SkyScan 1172

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BRC Skyscan 1172 Micro-CT Scanner
The Biomolecular Research Center’s Skyscan 1172 Micro-CT Scanner is located in room 213 in the Mathematics building on the campus of Boise State University.  The Skyscan 1172 scanner, with an X-ray source of 20-100V, 10W, <5 µm spot size or 20-80V, 8W, <8 µm spot size, has a fully distortion-corrected 11Mp X-ray detector that is a 12-bit cooled CCD fiber-optically camera coupled to scintillator.  The detail detectability of the Skyscan 1172 ranges from 0.8/1.0 µm (when operated at the highest resolution) to 25 µm. The Skyscan 1172 currently has two filter choices that can be set into 3 positions to allow for scanning high-density tissues such as bones to low-density softer tissue such as lung. The maximum object size, or field of view, is 50 mm in either diameter or height when scanner is run in offset mode. The Skyscan 1172 with dynamically variable acquisition geometry provides the shortest scan times possible at any magnification and cross-section images are generated in a wide range of formats up to 8000 x 8000 pixels.  2D/3D reconstruction can be performed using a single PC or using the 4-PC cluster in the BRC facility to enhance post-scan reconstructions times.

Use and Management
The purpose of this instrument is to support research at Boise State University and surrounding research facilities and is operated as a recharge instrument at an hourly rate. Scan times are dependent on specimen size and resolution parameters.

For rate information please see  Imaging BRC Recharge Rates

Contact Information
Cindy Keller-Peck
(208) 426-2254

Publications and presentations utilizing data from samples imaged with the Skyscan MicroCT should include the following acknowledgement:  “This research was made possible by support from the Idaho State Board of Education’s Higher Education Research Council (HERC) and the Biomolecular Research Center at Boise State University.”