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CAES September 2022 Newsletter

CAES REU Program Final Wrap Up

We are excited to officially close out the first Summer of the Center for Advanced Energy Studies’ Advanced Manufacturing for a Sustainable Energy Future Research Experience for Undergraduates sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

“The NSF REU Program at CAES provided an excellent opportunity for a diverse pool of talented students to network with university and national laboratory researchers while fostering their curiosities and training in research practices. The students spent 10 weeks working on research related to advance manufacturing, which culminated in a poster showcase. The showcase was attended by the Deputy Laboratory Director at INL (Dr. Marianne Walck), the Director for the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (Dr. Philip Reppert), the Mayor of the City of Idaho Falls (Rebecca Casper), as well as many INL and University researchers. This was an amazing first year of the program and am excited for the next few!” – Brian Jaques, Ph.D.

Thank you to all of the Boise State University, Idaho State University, University of Idaho and Idaho National Laboratory faculty, staff and students who made this possible!

Kyle Holloway Accepted Into the McNair Scholars Program

Congratulations to Kyle Holloway for acceptance into the McNair Scholars Program at Boise State University. Holloway is an undergraduate research working with Brian Jaques, Assistant Professor and Nuclear Energy Focus Lead and CAES Fellow in the Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering.

“I am very proud of Kyle for his hard work and determination that has been recognized by the McNair Scholars Program. Kyle works in my Advanced Materials Laboratory here at BSU where he is researching the effects of additive manufacturing processes on components for the Transformational Challenge Reactor program. Kyle is an ambitious student who will certainly benefit from this opportunity, which will allow him to pursue his dream of attending graduate school in engineering.” – Brian Jaques, Ph.D.

The McNair Scholars Program is an academic achievement and graduate school preparatory program for undergraduate students who are first generation, limited-income and/or underrepresented in graduate programs. The program is two years and includes a $2,500 stipend for research over the Summer of 2023. The program pays for all application fees for graduate programs, covers the cost of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and provides travel stipends for campus visits. The program also covers the transcript fees from Boise State University.

“In the two years, I will be learning how to write proposals and learn how to apply for fellowships. The program allows students to conduct research in their respective fields and provides mentoring for conducting research. McNair also opens the door to a few scholarships like the NSF and Goldwater fellowships. McNair gives me the opportunity to improve my CV and gives me a chance to build a competitive application to graduate school. The McNair program will provide me with research experience and prepare me for graduate school which will help me pursue my dream of attaining a Ph.D. My end goal is to pursue a career in academia and become a professor to teach the knowledge I learned in my field of study to future generations.” – Kyle Holloway

Upcoming Events

EPI Power Talk/Fireside Chat: Inflation Reduction Act & Energy, September 2nd, 2022 2pm MST, Register Here: EPI Power Talks Fireside Chat

SAVE THE DATE CAES Fall Meeting, October 3rd, 2022 12-2pm, Stay Tuned for Details

American Nuclear Society Honors Five Boise State Students

The American Nuclear Society annually recognizes promising young researchers and concepts, and this year, five of them represent Boise State. Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering students Sarah Cole, Kyle Holloway, Addie Lupercio, Kaelee Novich and Timothy Phero are recipients of prestigious American Nuclear Society awards that will empower their research and education to new levels. Many of these students conduct research not only at Boise State, but also in collaboration with Idaho National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Each of these students have also received mentorship and research support from Brian Jaques, an assistant professor and the Nuclear Energy Focus Lead at Boise State for the Center for Advanced Energy Studies.

Full Article Here: American Nuclear Society

MaCS Seed Grant Program

MaCS Seed Grant Program Awards up to $5,000 each

The Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) is pleased to announce a MaCS Seed Grant Program. With support from Boise State CAES, Idaho State CAES, and the Boise State Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering, this grant program provides opportunities to staff scientists, faculty and students at CAES Consortium members to utilize the equipment and expertise in the CAES Microscopy and Characterization Suite (MaCS). We aim to promote research in all science fields, as well as increase the MaCS user base.

This grant program covers the costs of both instrument time and MaCS staff time for the awarded proposals. The goal of this sponsorship is to seed opportunities that advance the vision and mission of CAES.

Awards are open to any researcher from the CAES Consortium in any discipline. The lead PI should be a faculty member at Boise State University or Idaho State University. Co-PIs from all CAES Institutions are encouraged.

More Information/Apply Here for MaCS Seed Grant Program

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