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BroncoLink for Students

Student and employer conducting an informational interview

Your Built-In Professional Network

BroncoLink helps you succeed from your first year at Boise State to graduation and beyond. Bronco alumni and employers are waiting to help you prepare for and launch your career.

Use BroncoLink to connect with alumni and employers who have signed up to answer your career questions, give you advice, connect you with others in their network, refer you to open jobs, and maybe even become your professional mentor. 

Signing Up

  1. Go to BroncoLink
  2. Click the Get Started or Join Now buttons
  3. Select the option to Sign in with Google, then select your Boise State student account
  4. Complete your profile (the more information you enter the better connections you can make)

Need a visual? Watch our How to sign up for BroncoLink video.

Building Your Network with BroncoLink

When you decided to attend Boise State, you became part of a huge network of Broncos – Boise State alumni are working in every industry, all over the country and the world. These alumni, as well as employers who hire Boise State students, are ready and waiting to become your professional network. You just have to reach out.  

To get started, go to the Mentoring section of your BroncoLink account to find people in your area or desired career field. Based on the information you put into your profile, you can browse mentors and see how similar their profiles are to yours. 

For even better results, join Groups within BroncoLink related to your major or interests. Groups help connect you with relevant alumni and give you place to find out about upcoming events where you can further expand your network or get targeted career help.

Once you find potential mentors, set up informational interviews to build a strong personal relationship. Get our full guide to informational interviews here.

Your built-in professional network is waiting. Get started now!

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