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Career-Related Reflection Questions

We believe in the inherent value of a degree from Boise State University and know that each department or program offers unique opportunities and experiences to build knowledge, skills, and behaviors. Career-related reflection allows students to pause and inquire into their learning, connect their experiences, and intentionally evaluate their career goals. It provides students with the space to identify their progress, potential changes, and gaps while planning for their next steps. Ultimately, it helps students look back on their Boise State experience in order to articulate it in a compelling way to future employers, graduate schools, or other relevant audiences.

How to Use Career-Related Reflection Questions in Your Course

There are a few different ways you might use career-related reflection questions in your course:

  • Attached to an existing assignment (to reflect on the assignment)
  • Given as an independent assignment
  • Used as a “question of the day”
  • Used as a part of an in-class discussion
  • (In Finishing Foundations courses) Used to look back on projects and experiences through multiple courses

Career-Related Reflection Questions

Below you will find example reflection questions categorized by theme. Although they have been categorized, most questions are interchangeable and can be used in multiple contexts. Please feel free to take these as is, modify them to fit your needs, or use them to generate ideas for your course.