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PathwayU is a self-guided online career assessment that uses scientific algorithms to help you explore career options based on your interests, personality, values, and workplace preferences. The goal of PathwayU is to help you find a career with purpose and meaning by helping you learn more about yourself and which careers might be a good fit based on your gifts. PathwayU can be used by individuals exploring majors or careers, or those who are already in a career and considering making a change. In addition, PathwayU offers other resources, including detailed career matches, occupational exploration, a job and internship board, and work preparation tools.

Using PathwayU

What PathwayU Will Do

  • Help you explore your identity as it relates to potential fields and careers of interest
  • Predict the level of fit between your answers and career paths based on personal attributes and characteristics
  • Connect you to potential career options, in-depth career information, and internships/jobs
  • Help you make more informed career decisions that will support personal and professional growth

Things to Consider

  • Career assessments are not meant to tell you what you should do – they are just one piece in the career exploration process
  • Following up with someone in Career Services to interpret your results can help identify things the assessment may have missed or you disagree with
  • Assessments are not a fit for everyone – talk to a career counselor to learn about other ways to explore career options

Getting Started

  • Select the following button to go to the PathwayU login page, then use your Boise State username and password to log in 
  • If you are not currently a student, use the “Login Here” button to create an account
  • Once you get logged in, click “Start Assessment” or go to “Assessment” at the top to complete the 4 assessments (Interests, Personality, Values, and Workplace Preferences)
  • These 4 assessments typically take between 20-25 minutes to complete, and do not have to be completed all at once 

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What to Do After You Take the Assessment

  • After each of the assessments are completed (Interests, Values, Personality, and Workplace Preferences), read the reflection questions which will help you think through your results. 
  • You can explore career matches and dig even deeper looking at programs, knowledge, skills, and abilities. As you explore career matches by subject area, use the filters to narrow down your search. We encourage you to use the worksheets included in the tool to help you understand your results. 
  • You may also click on “Set Up Appointment” to make an appointment with a career counselor or career success coach. They can review your results with you, and provide you with additional clarity on your career exploration and decision making.
  • You can retake any of the assessments at any time if you feel like the results do not match with who you are. We also encourage you to come back to this assessment over the years and retake it as needed to see how you have changed over time. 

Check out the following video for more information on how to navigate PathwayU and get the most out of your results.

Understanding Your Results

If you would like to better understand what your assessment results can tell you about yourself, visit our Understanding Your PathwayU Results page.