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Interviewing for Student Jobs

Before you proceed to the Interviewing section of the Virtual Career Center, there are a few things you may want to know about interviewing for student jobs in particular. While all of the information you will learn about interviewing applies regardless of the type of job you’re trying to get, you may find yourself wondering how to apply some of the information. Review the information below now or return to this page later.

Tips for a Successful Interview

Types of Interviews Commonly Used for Student Jobs

You are more likely to encounter a group interview for a student job than you are for an internship or post-graduation job. This type of interview may be used to screen a large number of applicants. Always remember that you’re being evaluated at all times in a group interview, whether you’re answering questions, completing a task or team activity, or just listening to a presentation. One-on-one interviews are also very common, and you may encounter some panel or committee interviews as well.

Dressing for a Student Job Interview

Do you dress the same for a student job interview as you would for an internship or post-graduation job interview? Not necessarily, but you will follow the same guidelines – dress one or two levels above what you would wear on the job. You want to show that you understand the culture of the place you’re applying, but also that you are taking this process seriously, and that you know how to present yourself professionally when the situation calls for it.

The Unexpected Interview

When applying for student jobs, you may find yourself dropping off applications in person, or stopping by to inquire about jobs. Because the hiring process for student jobs is sometimes more casual, in some cases you might find yourself in an unexpected, on-the-spot interview. Whenever visiting the company, you should always be prepared for an interview – just in case. Come dressed appropriately, having thought through why they should hire you, and how you would answer the common interview questions. Keep in mind that an unexpected interview could be either a formal or informal interview, and you should take it just as seriously either way. Really, you should consider any communication you have with someone at the company as an interview!

Proceed to the Interviewing Section

You are ready to proceed to the Interviewing section of the Virtual Career Center for additional help preparing for interviews!

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