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CI+D Student Stories – GIMM

Meet Brilynne!

Bri is a 2nd year Boise State Student enrolled in the GIMM (GAMES, INTERACTIVE MEDIA, & MOBILE TECHNOLOGY) Major through CI+D, and for this week’s #CIDstories, she’s going to give us a little insight into the innovative major within the college. She has some wonderful experience to let us in on.

Why did you choose GIMM?

“I chose GIMM because it seemed like a great way to combine multiple interests including illustration, gaming, and even the more serious side like health sciences all with a story telling aspect.”

What are you most looking forward to this year?

“With it being my second year we’ll be doing web development, and I’m really excited to work on my intro to programming class this year – it’s a subject I want to grow in. Last year we learned to read code, but I’m really excited to focus on putting it together this upcoming semester.”

Why would you recommend GIMM or other courses in CI+D?

“There’s just so many diverse people in my classes. There’s people I would never expect to be into gaming, interactive media, or mobile development, and I think that just shows how inclusive the tech majors and tech industry can be.

I’ve met 5 of my closest friends by having classes with them, having meals together after CI+D courses together, and those connections have helped retain me in the program. GIMM is definitely challenging, but having a system of other people is great to help learn and bounce ideas off of.”

We think Bri is quite the rock star, and are so glad she’s a part of the major!