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Campus Partnerships

Boise State University is home to a community of creative thinkers and trailblazers. Whether it’s crafting unique curricula, providing collaborative spaces for deep work, or forming strategic partnerships for new initiatives, CI+D is your dedicated partner in pushing boundaries. 

Shaping the Future Boise State, One Idea at a Time

Blending art with technology, CI+D has created programs that allow students to become leaders in fields like video game development and Esports. Our response to the generative AI revolution and initiatives to prepare faculty and staff for the future of work are testaments to our commitment to campus-wide innovation. We offer facilitation, collaboration, and intellectual partnership to support and amplify your unit’s projects. 

Join Us in Building the Future Boise State

Interested in collaborating with CI+D? Reach out to explore how we can jointly turn groundbreaking ideas into reality. Complete our ‘Partnership Form’ to start a conversation about your visionary project.

Partnership Form