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Google Data Analytics Certificate

Unlock the power of data as a data analyst

Use data to improve business decision-making. Gain essential skills like data presentation and visualization. Learn tools like, spreadsheets, SQL, and R. Build your career with industry certifications. Tell stories using data to make a difference in the world.

What students are saying


“I attempted to take this program last summer on my own, and failed. Only completed Coursera Course 1, paid for a subscription for an additional 3 months before canceling. The due dates really helped instill additional diligence and discipline to complete the whole program, and I did while taking multiple other courses!”


“I was able to immediately apply knowledge to my work. It’s been incredibly helpful, particularly in understanding complex projects and how to examine the processes, not the people.”


“This was a great experience. I’m so glad I enrolled in the certificate. Even though it’s a course that I could have taken through Coursera, it was much more engaging to have a Boise State faculty member leading us, and Boise State students to interact with.”

Upcoming Courses

Sign up now – “For All” certificate courses are:

Accessible: fully online/ asynchronous

Achievable: 2 courses/7 credits per certificate

Always on: 7-week starts, Fall, Spring, Summer

All majors: no prerequisites and no prior experience needed

What Google brings

  • Earn industry certificates to build your career
  • Access 150+ employers who accept the Google certificates as qualification for employment
  • Receive career coaching resources for resume and interview preparation

What Boise State brings

  • Receive guidance, support, and supplemental lessons to improve your skills
  • Earn college credit
  • Create a professional portfolio that differentiates your resume

Certificate Details