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Video Transcript – Your path to in-demand jobs in project management | Google Career Certificates

Video Transcript

SPEAKER 1: As the workplace continues to evolve, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of projects and an increased need for project skills, making the position of project manager crucial within most companies. There are over 479,000 job openings in project management. The median salary for project management jobs is over $73,000. This is why we developed the Google Project Management Certificate to help jump-start your career in this in-demand field. Let’s explore what project management is all about. Project management is about organizing the efforts of a team to accomplish a goal. Key aspects of project management include managing change, prioritizing tasks, and maintaining effective communication.

ELITA: I spend most of my days with my product and engineering counterparts talking a lot about strategy, updating status to key stakeholders, and trying to figure out what comes next for our product. The most important thing for you to keep in mind is staying organized. The more organized you are in your actions, the more organized your team is in their thinking and their actions.

SPEAKER 1: Each day is dynamic and different for a project manager. They’re at the center of the project, building relationships, managing tasks, and delivering results using tools, skills, and techniques. In this Certificate, you’ll gain the essential skills to manage and run all types of projects using a hybrid of approaches including traditional and agile project management. You’ll also become familiar with terms and standards from industry leaders like the Project Management Institute, or PMI, and So if you’re a natural problem solver, detail-oriented, and you have good people skills, enroll in the Google Project Management Certificate.