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Bronco Biking Class

Bronco Biking Class is a free bike-commuting class held at the Cycle Learning Center. The goal of the class is to teach the rules of the road and best practices for cyclists, to improve safety for all stakeholders, and can be used for a citation reduction. See the ticket diversion program website.

This class is not just for cyclists. All who would like to learn more about bicycle laws and bicycle commuter best practices, behavior, and prediction are welcome to attend. Each class is separated into two sections:

1) Thirty (30) minute classroom session located in the Cycle Learning Center, followed by

2) Sixty (60) minute outdoor riding session, weather permitting*. Participants are expected to be ready to ride with bicycle and helmet.
*If there is no outdoor session, the indoor class session time will be adjusted to cover additional material.

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Covered in the class:

  • Basic mechanical workings of a bicycle and a quick safety check.
  • Lane and Intersection positioning.
  • Hand turn signals and lane changes.
  • Route finding.
  • Gear selection and helmet fit.
  • Mingling with motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists.
  • Locking and securing a bicycle.
  • The pedestrian priority zone (the quad).

If you do not have access to a bike and would like to attend the class, feel free to drop in for the classroom section or borrow a bicycle from the Cycle Learning Center.