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Rates and Services

From flat tire repairs to complete tune-ups, the Cycle Learning Center offers a complete range of service options to accommodate the needs of all campus cyclists. Specialty repairs such as suspension fork rebuilds, hydraulic brake bleeds and drivetrain upgrades are feasible through our a la carte service menu and extensive catalog of parts.

Walk-ins welcome or email to make an appointment.


Why is regular service important?

Bikes are an important tool of reducing your carbon footprint and getting good daily exercise.

Regular service can:

  • Keep components functioning properly
  • Prevent issues and save money
  • Prolong the life of the bike and it’s parts

Service Intervals

  • Darailleur Adjusts: Rough shifting and Skipping gears
  • Inflate Tubes: 2 weeks
  • Chain/Clean Lube: 2-3 weeks, sooner if squeaky or dirty
  • Brake Adjust: distance between pulled brake lever and bar < thumb width
  • Unusual noises: get it checked out by a professional

Tune Ups

Basic Tune$50Clean frame and drivetrain
Adjust and lube derailleurs
Adjust brakes
Adjust headset and bottom bracket
Lube cables, chain and derailleurs
Air tires
Safety check
Complete Tune$65Everything in Basic Tune Up plus wheel truing and hub adjustments
Brake pad resurfacing
Thorough clean of wheels and bike
Performance Tune$90Everything in Complete Tune
plus drivetrain removal and degrease
Bronco Tune $175/$200/$250Everything in Performance Tune
plus complete disassembly, cleaning, and re-greasing of all bearing systems
New cables and housing
Brake bleed
(road bike $175)

Plus suspension fork oil and seals
(hardtail mtb $200)

Plus rear shock oil and seals (full suspension $250)


Tube/Tire Install$8
Slime Install$6
Wheel True- Minor$12
Spoke Replacement
(including Wheel True)
Axle Replacement$30


Hub Adjust$8
Hub Overhaul$15
Headset Adjust$8
Headset Overhaul$15
Headset Install$20
Bottom Bracket Adjust$10
Bottom Bracket Overhaul$30


Brake Adjust$10
Brake Pad Install and Adjust$15
Cable Install and Adjust$15
Brake Lever and Cable Install$20
Disc Brake Install$20
Disc Brake Pad Install$10
Disc Brake Adjust$10
Disc Brake Bleed$20

Drive Train

Chain Install$6
Drive Train Clean/Lube$10
Derailleur Adjust$8
Derailleur Install$15
Shift Cable Install and Adjust$15
Shifter Install (includes derailleur adjust and shift cable install)$20

Handlebars & Stems

Handlebar Install$15
Handlebar Tape Install$12
Stem Install$10

Miscellaneous Labor

Service Price
Hourly Labor Rate$50
Bike Build$65
Accessory Install$10
Rack/Fender Install$15

Skis and Boards

Hot Wax$12
Edge Sharpen$15/$25
Base Repair/Ptex$10+

Self-Service stations

Our self-service station is open to anyone who needs a repair stand, basic tools, chain lube, degreaser and rags. No fee required and assistance is available from the CLC mechanics. What a deal!

Bike Barn

Bike Barns are video monitored 24/7, they provide secure and inexpensive bicycle parking out of the weather and visibility of the public. Locking your bike in the bike barn is the best option to keep your bike safe and clean on Boise State campus.

There are two bike barns:

  • lower level of the Lincoln Avenue Garage
  • lower level of the Brady Street Garage

For bike barn permit purchase and more information, visit the Cycle Learning Center. Bring your bike to register it at no cost — we can help you do that!

Bike Barns Pricing

Bikes parked in the bike barn
Time PeriodPrice
3 - Months$30
6 - Months$45
Year $60