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The Write Class: Placement into English 101, 101+, and 102

As of Fall 2013, all new Boise State students will need to complete The Write Class for placement into English 101, 101+, or 102. Here are some FAQs about The Write Class:

General Advising for The Write Class

What is The Write Class?

It is a multiple measures course matching tool. It uses information such as high school GPA, standardized test scores, reading/writing assessment, and student projections based on careful consideration of course materials and external factors to match students with the appropriate first year writing course

How do students access The Write Class?

Students access TWC online by visiting

How long does it take to complete?

The process takes about 20-25 minutes to complete. We encourage students to complete the process when they have time to carefully consider the information. We also encourage students to work through the process with parents, and/or advisors.

Can students re-do The Write Class?

No. Students cannot go back and change answers during the process, which is why we stress the importance of completing The Write Class when they have the time and attention to devote to it.

Can student still place into English classes using the COMPASS?

No. The Write Class is the primary means for placement into first year writing courses.

What is the process for the English 102 portfolio application?

Students whose results indicate that they may be ready to begin in English 102 are given the option to submit a portfolio, which is reviewed by English 102 faculty. If the application is accepted, the student will be notified via email and will be able to enroll in English 102.

Students who begin in English 102 based on the portfolio application will receive credit for English 101 upon completing English 102 with a C or better and submitting the necessary form along with $20 to the registrar’s office. (form is included in this packet)

What if students receive an ESOL recommendation from The Write Class?

The ESOL test is a more comprehensive measure of language abilities for students whose primary language is not English. Students who receive an ESOL recommendation should be directed to testing services, where they will complete the ESOL.

Scores on the ESOL test will determine whether a student will begin in English 122, 123, 101P, 101, or in very rare cases, 102.

Advising for Students with Prior Learning Credits

Do students who have taken the ACT/SAT still need to complete The Write Class?

Yes. ACT/SAT scores alone cannot be used for placement. Students with extremely high ACT (31-36) or SAT (700-800) scores will have the option to receive credit for both English 101 and English 102, but they will also be required to complete The Write Class.

Because these tests are not indicative of the coursework for English 101 and 102, we want students to have a better understanding of the courses they may be skipping over. Students with these high test scores may still decide to enroll in English 101 and/or 102.

Do students with AP scores still need to complete The Write Class?

Yes. Students with high AP scores (3 or higher = credit for English 101; 5 = credit for English 101 and 102) will have the option to receive credit based on their test scores. However, they will still need to complete The Write Class. We want them to see what the coursework looks like at Boise State and decide whether they want to take a first year writing class on campus.

*AP scores are not sent until July, so for students attending early orientation sessions, if their course recommendation via The Write Class is English 101 and they want to enroll in English 102 based on test scores, they should be directed to Samantha Sturman in registration support. They will need to provide proof of their AP Language and Composition score through College Board. If they have proof of their score, we can shift them into a student group that will allow them to enroll.

How do students receive credit based on test scores?

After completing The Write Class, students will need to fill out the Receiving Credit for English Composition Based on Test Scores form and return it to the registrar’s office.

Advising for Students with Transfer Credits

Do students with transfer credits still need to complete The Write Class?

Yes, But… Since all schools are different, we want all students to complete The Write Class. That way, they have a good idea of what our first year writing courses look like. Students whose BSU transcripts indicate they have already met their first year writing requirements do not have to complete The Write Class. It will not automatically place them into a course, nor override their existing credits, so they can elect to complete The Write Class if they wish.

How do students know if their transfer credits are equivalent?

There is a list of equated courses on the registrar’s website. Any course that is not on that list will need to be approved through the first year writing office.

How do students get courses that have not been equated approved?

They will need to fill out an academic adjustment form and provide the following information via email to DeAnna Jones in the First-Year Writing office:

  • Name and Student ID
  • Name of the course taken and where it was completed
  • Course for which they seeking credit at Boise State
  • Syllabus from the course taken (In some rare cases, a course description will suffice, but the more information the student can provide, the better)

**Please note: this is not an instantaneous process. It may take a few days to complete.