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MSA and MSAT Student Handbook

The Accountancy faculty designed this student handbook to help you navigate your master’s degree here at Boise State. You will receive a hard copy of this handbook at new student orientation (held in August and January). In your handbook, you’ll find academic information and deadlines as well as helpful tips and tricks for making the most of your time here.

Whether you are a recent undergraduate preparing to enter the accounting profession, a seasoned CPA looking to expand your knowledge, or a law student looking for a deeper understanding of taxation, we are glad to have you in our programs and hope you enjoy your time here. Our graduate courses are rigorous and require a great deal of focus and study time. But there are many resources and opportunities available to you as a graduate student. We urge you to take full advantage of them. One of the best resources available to you is our accountancy faculty. They have open-door policies and are available to discuss technical issues, issues in your courses, career options, or other topics.


Contact Info

If you still have questions about referencing the handbook, please reach out to us!

MSA Advisor & Department Chair: Troy Hyatt, or (208)426-3412
Director, Master of Science in Accountancy Programs: Joshua Filzen or (208)426-3423
Director, Master of Science in Accountancy-Taxation Programs: Mark Cowan, or (208)426-1565
Graduate Accountancy program advisor: Trisha Stevens Lamb, or (208)426-1120
Department Management Assistant: David Klungle, or (208)426-3461

Archived Handbooks

PDF versions of the following archived handbooks are available upon request. Email the department admin assistant to request a copy (please specify the version you’d like to receive).

  • Fall 2020 Grad Student Handbook
  • Spring 2020 Grad Student Handbook
  • Fall 2019 Grad Student Handbook
  • Spring 2019 Grad Student Handbook
  • Fall 2018 Grad Student Handbook
  • Spring 2018 Grad Student Handbook
  • Fall 2017 Grad Student Handbook
  • Spring 2017 Grad Student Handbook
  • Fall 2016 Grad Student Handbook
  • Spring 2016 Grad Student Handbook