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Accountancy Internships

Accountancy internships are a great opportunity to practice classroom concepts, learn new skills and network with employers. Local and regional companies frequently offer accountancy internships to qualified students. Usually, these positions are open to upper-division students that have taken some accounting classes. Direct your questions to JoAnn Wood, Accountancy Internship Coordinator, You can also talk to the career advisors in COBE Career Services for navigating recruiting season, and finding and applying for internships. If you have questions about your academic path including fitting an internship into your course plan, see one of the academic advisors in the COBE Advising Services.

How to apply:

Applying for an internship is easy. Simply log onto Canvas and check out the Accounting Majors & Minors group. You can find the list of current internships available in the Course Documents section. The list is updated as new internships become available so check back frequently. The COBE Career Advisors also maintain updated listings on the COBE internship board.

If any accountancy internships sound interesting, pay attention to the following:

  • Hours per week
    An approximate number of hours per week the company needs you. “Flexible” means the company will work around your school schedule. If the company requires specific fixed hours, they will communicate this.
  • Contact Person and Type of Contact
    Describes how the company wants you to make contact.
  • Application Deadline
    Date by which your resume and attached notes must be submitted to the company for their review.
  • Special Qualifications or Considerations
    The employer and the coordinator try to carefully match the needs of the company with the experience level of the student. If the internship specifies an accounting class or a graduation date requirement, please don’t apply unless you meet the requirement. “Spreadsheet skills”, for example, means you know the basics of using a spreadsheet–you do not generally need to be a power user.
  • Duration of the Internship
    Some internships are really part-time employment and others are special projects which only last through the duration of the project. From Boise State’s perspective, an internship normally lasts one semester. (You can only get 3 hours of credit no matter how long you are employed.) After the first semester, the internship simply becomes a part-time job.

Please note:

  • Accountancy internships are competitive. Don’t feel discouraged if you are not hired at first. This is a great way to test your resume and interviewing skills. Once you get the job, however, you need to contact the Internship Coordinator to complete the paperwork so that you can receive course credit.
  • “After probation period,” reflects the fact that an internship is a job and the company retains the right to “fire” an intern for failure to perform. The department will not grant credit for the internship in the event that you are fired. (This is rare, but it has happened.)
  • Please submit a separate resume for each internship application. The internship coordinator does not maintain a file of student resumes.