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Finance Internships

Finance internships are a great opportunity to practice classroom concepts, learn new skills and network with employers. Local and regional companies frequently offer finance internships to qualified students. Usually these positions are open to upper-division students that have taken some finance classes. Direct your questions to Garrett McBrayer, finance internship coordinator. You can also talk to the advisors in COBE Career Services.

Garrett McBrayer, PhD
Finance Internship Coordinator

Internship Benefits

  • Receive academic credit for finance-related work experience.
  • Finance internships count as Boise State electives (FINAN293 is for those students who have not completed FINAN303 and FINAN493 is for those students who have completed FINAN303).
  • Typical internship: 135+ work hours for 3 credit hours, 1 credit hour per 45 hours worked.
  • Internship credit hours count toward the credit hours needed for graduation.

How To Apply

You can find internships at COBE internship board or you can find internships on your own.

Once you have found an internship opportunity for credit, go to Boise State Career Center and begin the internship application process. Log in using your username and password.

  • Accept the student agreement.
  • Create an application.
  • Enter the required information—job description and contact information.
  • You may “save” and return later.
  • Hit “submit.” The status of your internship will be “Awaiting Department Internship Coordinator Approval.”
  • The department internship coordinator and your supervisor at your organization must approve your proposal.
  • You will be notified by e-mail that your internship has been accepted (or rejected).

Internship Restrictions

  • FINAN493 requires College of Business and Economics admission and the successful completion of FINAN303.
  • Students are graded on a pass-fail basis.
  • Internships count towards general electives (FINAN293) or major electives (FINAN493).
  • 3 credit hour maximum per internship, 6 credit hour maximum per semester, 12 credit hour maximum per student.
  • Under no circumstances may internship credit be received for experience prior to the date that the internship is approved.
  •  The activities of the internship must be finance-related in order for the internship to be eligible for academic credit. For example, jobs that are too clerical, are centered around physical labor, or involve sales without a significant financing component are not eligible for internship credit.
  • The deadline for applications is always the drop date for classes in any given semester (e.g., late February for the spring semester, late June for the summer semester, and late September for the fall semester).
  • Internships that require students to be independent contractors or require students to invest some of their money to join will not be approved.

Internship Requirements

  • Fulfill your job duties as described in the application for internship form. If there is a major change in duties, please contact the finance department internship coordinator as soon as possible.
  • The university requires that any student participating in an internship must complete an online workshop covering key areas of liability. The internship workshop is located at career/internships Click “Internship Application For Credit” to see what is needed to obtain credit.
  • Complete a written exit interview upon completion of your internship.