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Welcome to IT-SCM

Major in Information Technology or Supply Chain Management: The Time is Right

Businesses seek to employ people with an understanding of key business drivers, business processes and project management with both communication and team skills—along with the specific skill sets you will learn in our majors. Differentiate yourself and become more marketable by combining core business skills with our program options.

Explore Exciting Career Options in our fields

Our majors lead to challenging and stimulating careers and allow ample room for specialization into areas you find most interesting.

Information Technology Management
Information Technology Program

Graduates with technical talents are in demand. Some careers options:

  • systems developers
  • security specialists
  • business analysts
  • business architects
  • enterprise modelers

These roles work with other business units to identify requirements and help translate them into tangible project deliverables or improve the security and efficiency of existing networks. Our technology graduates enter the workforce at some of the highest starting salaries in the college.

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management Program

Opportunities in operations and supply chain management continue to be strong. New graduates enter the rapidly growing areas of:

  • procurement
  • project management
  • production and inventory planning

Supply chain management is not just for manufacturing. Operations tools and techniques are needed anywhere processes and materials flow through an organization. Employers include hospitals, wholesale or retail distributors, government entities and manufacturing of many varieties.

Business and Economic Analytics

Business and Economic Analytics BS
Certificate in Business Analytics

The Business and Economic Analytics degree program provides its graduates with the skill set necessary to turn Big Data into actionable information that supports strategic business decision making. The empirical need for tracking and quantifying business trends continues to grow, and the value of qualified data analysts in the job market across many industries is expanding. This unique degree program combines core business skills, data modeling, programming, statistical analysis and econometrics.

The curriculum includes courses from the College of Business and Economics along with offerings from the department of mathematics and computer science. Business concepts are developed and integrated across a variety of disciplines using statistical analysis to identify and describe issues and opportunities. Graduates of the program are taught to view information as data scientists in order to extract data, formulate models and demonstrate the business value of the results. Business and data analysts make use of the skills to design and implement database structures, script computer language and present the results using visualizations of multidimensional data.

Cybersecurity Programs

MS-Cybersecurity – Management Emphasis

The MS in Cybersecurity-Management Emphasis is a 30-credit-hour Master’s of Science degree that prepares you for work in the business side of cyber security.  It focuses on managing the many complex systems required to run a successful information security program. These systems include governance systems, change management systems, identity, and access management systems, and managing the people running them.

Our Faculty

The IT-SCM faculty stay current in their fields through research, contact with peers and regular interaction with the business community. They utilize examples from real life by including guest speakers in class and use cases that enhance the learning process as well as incorporate service-oriented projects where appropriate. Community outreach is emphasized through student projects, internships and professional instructors.

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AACSB-Accredited since 1979

The College of Business and Economics (COBE) at Boise State University is one of the few business schools in the world that has achieved AACSB accreditation for our business school and our accountancy program. We are among the less than five percent of business schools worldwide to earn AACSB accreditation.

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