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Kent Neupert, PhD

Kent Neupert

Professor, Management  • Mail Stop: 1625
Office Number: MBEB 3237 • Office Hours: By appointment


University of Western Ontario (Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada), Business Administration, Doctor of Philosophy
University of Illinois, Business Administration, Master of Science
Northern Illinois University, Business Administration, Masters of Business Administration
Loyola University-Chicago, Political Science, Bachelors of Arts.

Featured Publications

Jeff Sugheir and Kent E. Neupert, Effectuation and valuation: Cannabis and Glass, (2017) Journal of Entrepreneurship, 26 (1).

C. Christopher Baughn, Jeff Sugheir, and Kent E. Neupert. Unemployment and new firm formation during the Great Recession: The impact of prior levels of entrepreneurship, (2014) International Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives, 8 (2), 1-13.

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C. Christopher Baughn, Bee Leng Chua and Kent E. Neupert. The normative context for women’s participation in entrepreneurship: A multi-country study, (2006) Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 30 (5), 687-708.
Kent E. Neupert, C. Christopher Baughn and Dao Thi Thanh Lam. SME exporting challenges in transitional and developed economies, (2006) Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 13 (4).

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