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Financial Information, GAships and Scholarships

Invest in your biggest asset – Yourself!

One of the most important concepts in business is understanding how to calculate a Return on Investment (ROI). The relatively low cost of our graduate programs combined with our graduates’ improved employment prospects contributes to a very high ROI–rivaling private and Ivy League graduate degrees just about anywhere.

Boise State University Graduate Programs Fees and Financial Aid

The Boise State University Standard Full-time and Part-time Graduate Program tuition and fees are listed on the Boise State Graduate Tuition & Fees Website

Idaho Residency for Tuition Paying Purposes

    • New Idaho Residency laws – You may qualify for resident tuition if you are a student who has earned a baccalaureate degree from an Idaho institution of higher education, physically resided in Idaho for the final 12 months of undergraduate studies, and enrolled no later than 36 months after receiving a baccalaureate degree from the undergraduate institution
    • Our program is part of the Western Regional Graduate Program which allows students in 15 states to be eligible for in-state tuition. Visit the WICHE website to see which states are eligible
    • Apply early to receive the GEM scholarship which waives the non-resident tuition. Apply for the GEM Scholarship here.

COBE Scholarships

For more information on COBE scholarships, please visit the COBE Scholarships page.
In order to be eligible for one of the many graduate accountancy scholarships, you must be admitted to a graduate program by February 15.  Because the online scholarship system automatically matches applicants up with scholarships, you have to be in the registration system as a graduate student for Fall 2020 in order to be matched up with graduate-level scholarships.

GEM Scholarship

The GEM Scholarship waives the non-resident fees. For more information please visit the Graduate College GEM Scholarship page.

Graduate Assistantships

For more information on Graduate Assistantships and how to apply, please visit the MSA Graduate Assistantship page.