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Program Overview

The M.S. in Accountancy (MSA) provides graduate education for individuals seeking to enhance their professional competence in accountancy. Students advance their previously acquired knowledge and skills through a focus on providing value-added services to their clients and employers.

On-Campus MSA program
Customize your own program to meet your particular objectives:

  • Select 10 accountancy courses (ACCT 505, ACCT 512, ACCT 530, ACCT 550 are required courses for the MSA degree) from over 20 topic areas .
  • Coursework requirements may vary depending upon an applicant’s prior academic experience.

On-Campus MSA – Emphasis in Information Systems and Controls (MSA-ISC)

  • The on-campus MSA program is offering a new emphasis area to meet the new CPA exam options.
  • There is no separate application for the emphasis – students can earn the emphasis by taking the appropriate courses as stated on the MSA-ISC curriculum.
  • The MSA – ISC is only available to on-campus students

MSA-ISC Program details

    • Students interested in this emphasis will need a permission number to enroll in ITM 555 – Information Security if they haven’t completed ITM 305 – Information Technology and Networking Essentials or equivalent. To receive a permission number to enroll in ITM 555 for students who have not taken ITM 305 (or equivalent), students must complete the Pre Security learning path at TryHackMe ( Then, they will email the instructor their certificate of completion to the instructor who will approve the permission number.
    • Most of this can be completed with a free account, but some of the training rooms to complete the learning path do require a subscription. We recommend students start by completing as much as they can with the free account, then upgrade to premium and cancel after one month to complete the training. Students should sign up for their account using their .edu student email address, as this will give them access to the best pricing. The cost should be less than $12.
    • The estimated time to complete this is 40 hours. Students intending to pursue the emphasis must complete this prior to the start of classes to be able to enroll in ITM 555.

On-line MSA Program
In addition to our traditional on-campus MSA program Boise State also offers a new 100% on-line MSA program. To find out more information about this program and how to apply please click Online Masters of Accountancy