How To: Change my OMBA Emphasis

If you are a current student, there are multiple steps needed to change your program, or emphasis area. Please follow instructions below:

  1. Submit the OMBA Update/Request Form and indicate your preferred emphasis area.
  2. Complete the Graduate College’s Program Change Request form – For the field: “Requested Graduate Program and Catalog Year” indicate your chosen emphasis area (e.g. OMBA – Construction Management, OMBA – Healthcare Leadership) – Indicate an updated catalog year: “2019-20″.
  3. For Healthcare and Construction Management emphasis students only: Map your path to graduation using the OMBA Course Carousel. Indicate when you will be taking emphasis courses. Reach out to your advisor at if you need assistance.

Email document(s) to

      • Signed Program Change Request Form
      • Completed Course Carousel indicating new plan with emphasis courses (for Healthcare and Construction Mgmt. students only)

4. You will receive confirmation of the emphasis area change in 1-3 weeks.