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How To: Change my OMBA Emphasis

If you are a current student, your OMBA emphasis area will not change automatically based on the elective courses you take. Your area of emphasis must be changed in the University system to officially be updated on your transcripts and diploma.

To officially change your emphasis area, please follow these steps –

  1. Email the following information to
    1. Request your preferred emphasis area, and
    2. If you are switching to the Marketing Leadership, Healthcare Leadership or Construction Management emphasis, map your new path to graduation using the OMBA Course Carousel and indicate when you will be taking your respective elective courses. Reach out to your advisor if you need assistance. For more information and downloadable Course Carousel documents, visit our “Course Planning and Carousel” web page.
  2. Once step 1 is complete, a member of the OMBA team will send you an electric “Program Change Request” form, along with instructions on how to complete:
    1. For the field: “I am a student currently in the following graduate program” indicate your current emphasis area (e.g. “OMBA – General”).
    2. For the field: “Requested Graduate Program and Catalog Year” indicate your new emphasis area (e.g. OMBA – Construction Management, OMBA – Healthcare Leadership, etc.). And, indicate your catalog year – this is indicated by the academic year in which you started your BUSMBA 500 course (e.g. If you started your BUSMBA 500 course in the fall of 2020, spring of 2021, or summer 2021, your academic year would be 2020-2021). The academic year always starts with the fall semester.
    3. Complete the reason for the emphasis change.
  3. After your Program Change Request form is completed and signed, you will receive a confirmation of the emphasis area change in approximately 1-3 weeks.