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How to Enroll for BUSMBA 500 & 501: Step by Step Instructions for New Students

1. Log into myBoiseState:

2. Click the “Student Center” link under My Resources

Arrow pointing to Student Center

3. Select the “Student Homepage” tile

Arrow pointing to Student Homepage

4. Select the “Tasks” tile to release the “Student Financial Services Agreement Hold”

    • Note: Students must review their contact information and complete the financial agreement every semester. Select the agreement for the term you wish to complete. Follow on-screen steps.
Arrow pointing to Tasks

5. Reture to the Student Homepage

6. Select “Class Search Enrollment”

Arrow pointing to Class Search Enrollment

7. Select “Class Search and Enroll”

8. Search for “BUSMBA” in the “Search for Classes” bar

Arrows pointing to Class Search & Enroll, BUSMBA, and next arrow

9. Review the results and click the arrow at the right to select “BUSMBA 500”

    • Tip: New students must always enroll for BUSMBA 500 and 501 TOGETHER (*hint—add both 500 & 501 to your shopping cart, then enroll)
Arrow pointing to the small arrow to the right of BUSMBA 500

10. Review course information. Click the line item or arrow at the right to select the course

    • Tip: Some courses are offered during two sessions. Be sure to check the dates and sessions before selecting.
Box around session dates and arrow pointing toward small "next" arrow

11. Follow the on-screen steps to add to shopping cart

    • Tip: the “Next” button is in the upper right corner
Arrow pointing to the "next" button
    • Step #2: No permission number is needed to add. Click “Accept”
Arrow pointing to the "accept" button
    • Step #3: Click “Add to Shopping Cart” (since you must enroll in BUSMBA 500 and BUSMBA 501 together)
Arrow pointing to "Add to Shopping Cart" selection
    • Step #4: Click “Submit” to add to cart
Picture of the Review and submit screen

12. Return to Class Search Results to add BUSMBA 501

Arrow pointing to "Return to Class Search Results"

13. Repeat steps #8 – #11 to add BUSMBA 501 to shopping cart

    • Note: Make sure to select the same session (e.g. 1st or 2nd 7-week) for both BUSMBA 500 and 501

14. When BUSMBA 501 is added to your cart, click “Shopping Cart”

Arrow pointing to "Shopping Cart"

15. Using the checkboxes, select both courses and click “Enroll”

Arrows pointing class selection boxes

16. View confirmation of enrollment

Arrows to green check marks to confirm sucessful class registration

Need help?

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