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COBE Admission

COBE Students

Admission Criteria and Requirements

  • Admitted to Boise State University
  • $25 non-refundable processing fee
  • Achieve a minimum COBE Gateway GPA of 2.5
  • Completion of all Gateway Courses¬†with a¬†grade of C- or higher
  • Students will apply in the semester they are finishing the gateway courses
  • Students finishing gateway courses in the summer will apply the spring before

COBE Admission FAQs

Who Should Apply

    • COBE bachelor of business administration (BBA) majors who meet the requirements listed above
    • Non-COBE majors who are minoring in the following: Accountancy, Finance, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurial Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Information Technology Management, and International Business.
    • Second-degree seeking students working on a BBA degree from COBE who meet the requirements listed above

Who Should NOT Apply

    • Students majoring in the following COBE degrees: Economics BA, Economics-Quantitative Emphasis BA, or Business and Economic Analytics BS.
    • ECON secondary education majors
    • Non-business majors, unless pursuing a COBE minor listed in “who should apply.”
    • +Business Minor/Certificate

How Does COBE Admission Benefit Students

    • Prepares students for business topics discussed at the upper-division level
    • Allows for more available seating in the 300 and 400-level business courses for COBE students
    • Facilitates classroom discussion
    • Enhances student group projects

How Will I Know My Admissions Status

All official communication between the COBE Advising staff and students will be done through your myBoiseState email account. We recommend that you check this account on a regular basis.

Helpful Tips for Submitting Application

If you try submitting your COBE Application and receive an error, try one of these helpful suggestions before contacting COBE Advising.

  1. Clear cookies from your browser
  2. Use a different browser that is not your default browser
  3. Open a new window under “incognito” mode
  4. If the form is incorrectly populating when logged in, try hitting “reset” at the bottom of the page.

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