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Gateway and Open Courses

COBE’s nine (9) gateway courses will consist of the following with an earned, minimum grade of C- or better:

Note: A student must achieve a minimum COBE Gateway GPA of 2.5. If a student completes all COBE gateways with the minimum acceptable grade of C-, their COBE gateway GPA would be 1.7 and not high enough for COBE admission. We encourage all students to aim high and do exceptionally well in the 9 COBE gateway courses.

Current Gateway Courses:

Open COBE Courses

COBE’s open courses will be available for any student to take without having a COBE admitted status. However, each student must have the corresponding prerequisites in order to enroll in each class. Prerequisites can be found in the most current catalog.

Please see your academic advisor if you have any questions regarding your eligibility for COBE Admission.